Lily-Rose Depp explains her silence on Johnny Depp’s drama


Lily-Rose Depp is familiar with fame.

As the daughter of actor Johnny Depp and singer Vanessa Paradis she grew up fully aware of celebrity, though she told Elle magazine in a recently published interview “my parents protected my brother [Jack] and me from it as much as possible.”

Now, as a model and an actress set to star in forthcoming series, “The Idol,” the 23-year-old is sharing why she didn’t publicly speak out during her father’s high profile trial with his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

“When it’s something that’s so private and so personal that all of a sudden becomes not so personal…I feel really entitled to my secret garden of thoughts,” the younger Depp told Elle. “I also think that I’m not here to answer for anybody, and I feel like for a lot of my career, people have really wanted to define me by the men in my life, whether that’s my family members or my boyfriends, whatever. And I’m really ready to be defined for the things that I put out there.”

Paradis is a star in her native France and Depp talked about how much she idolized her mom growing up.

Now she’s carving her own path, having appeared in several productions like the 2019 film, “The King.”

Depp said she finds celebrity “a weird thing to navigate.”

“It’s different experiencing it firsthand rather than by proxy,” she said. “I guess it’s something that I’ve had to make my own way with.”

“The Idol” is set to air next year on HBO, which is owned by CNN’s parent company.